i spent pretty much all of yesterday morning holed up in the darkroom in the photography building, making prints and photograms and experimenting with new tecniques. it’s was so nice to finally have the space to myself and not have to worry about the pace i was working at and if what i was doing was affecting other people.

everything in there is light sensitive so only one person can truly be working on their prints at a time, which is quite frustrating to me because when i’m inspired i know no bounds. when an idea hits me i yearn to follow through to fruition and continue to work at it and explore what i’m doing from all angles.

in my photography class it’s just me, miriana (the girlfriend of the writing professor), and maria (the teacher). it doesn’t sound like much but having both of them gone made all of my work go drastically quicker. normally maria is flitting about helping in any way she can and miriana is timidly and slowly working on her project but has to stop every few minutes and check in with maria about if she’s doing stuff the right way. during a normal class that’s frustrating, so finally having the space to myself yesterday for a few hours was amazing.

i got some amazing stuff done yesterday; i made a few prints and then ended up making photograms the rest of the time and even did a whole theme set of them. i also took a few pictures so everyone back home can see the space i work in (it’s quite small, and dark, obviously). i’m so thrilled with all that i accomplished yesterday, especially because the final show is rapidly approaching and i need more material to showcase!