can i just start out by saying that i am so damn glad that i look like a greek. walking down the street i don’t draw too many stares, nobody goes out of their way to holler or whistle at me (except for the dang guy who’s always out by the grocery store mending his fishing line, he still hasn’t given up), and i get spoken to in greek on a daily basis as people confuse me for a paros native.

the same goes for when i go out; greek guys hit on the friends that i’m out with and invite them for coffee, while i’m left to slip into the background and simply drink whatever free drinks have been bought for us in hopes of the other girls going on a date. this may all sound quite conceited or whiney, it depends on how you look at it, but quite honestly it is such a freaking relief to not have to worry about men at all.

my life here in greece is the epitome of “do you”. i’m doing me, without the added stress that comes with having a guy in my life, and getting far more accomplished within myself than i ever have before. so thank you jesus for my mediterranean complexion and my greek sea nymph hair, because i’m loving how easily i can slip into the crowd here.

so as you can probably tell, my dating life here on paros is literally nonexistant, which again, i’m really loving. this is a semester purely for me, and now that i don’t have to worry about any guy, i can do whatever the hell i want. plus i’ve also noticed that most of the guys here on the island are, in my opinion, slightly skeezy. and why wouldn’t they be? there are two international art schools here in paroikia for them to get chicks from.

i’m sure that they all know that tons of american girls come over here with overly romanticized ideas about what life will be like and how some gorgeous greek man will come in and sweep them off their feet, sisterhood of the traveling pants style. i feel like it’s not exactly hard to get a girl for them, they’re all freaking gorgeous i’ll give them that. but i want no part of being another american girl that they’ve dated and hooked up with, it’s just not my style.

when i initially talked with friends and family about studying abroad over here we all would laugh about how i’d find a greek man and end up eloping and staying. after i arrived i realized that they all knew that most girls coming here have that exact same fantasy, and that it’s not hard to use it to their advantage. granted, to be fair, all the guys that i’ve met here have been super nice and the fact that they barely speak english only adds to the appeal. it’s just a shame that i feel like they all know how attractive they are and take advantage of the situation semester after semester with new batches of girls.