The visit from my family came at the perfect time; I had been gone from home for two months and was just starting to miss everyone back in the states. I missed random Kroger trips with my mum to stock up on chocolate milk, late night conversations with my best friends up at college, parties on campus, and staying up late to watch action movies with my dad and brother. I really began to miss my life back home and before I knew it my family had arrived, giving me a much needed dose of love and reminding me of all the little things back in ohio.

During the week they were here I showed them around paroikia and the close-by town of naoussa as well as gave them a tour of all of my favorite island spots: sea caves, secluded beaches, random chapels built into cliffs, and other places that make up the pure undiminished beauty that is paros.

I’m so glad that they flew all this way to see me and see the place that has been my home for the semester, it meant so much. Being able to not just show them the main port town but take them to all the far away places that make you feel like you’re standing at the edge of the world, that was awesome. To me, that’s what paros is.

When I think back on this place, sure I’ll think of the big windmill in town and the delish bakeries and cute little stores and cafes, but to me that doesn’t make up the real paros. For me, the true essence of the island itself is in these wild, untamed and untouched places, that’s how I will remember the island. And now when I return home, I hope that that’s how my family will remember it as well, as a calm place that they truly connected with.

I think that being able to share all that with them will make my eventual transition home that much easier, knowing that at least four other people know-ish what I’m talking about.

the family and i during a trip we made to the island of santorini. gahh it was gorgeous!!