having my family with me here in Greece is amazing. I’ve come to realize how much I truly missed all the little things: how my dad coughs just as much as I do, the fact that dmitri is an amazing teenage boy and sometimes has an attitude, and the way just seeing and being near my mum makes me feel safe. having them here is such a blessing. I’m so lucky that they have come to see the Greek island that I’ve fallen in love with. getting to show them all of my favorite sites and watching them explore it all for the first time is an amazing experience, like how every time they see the water their eyes light up just like mine do and how they really take the time to soak in the feeling of getting lost in the winding cobbled streets. sharing all of this with them is a dream come true. it feels so good to show them my world for the past two months because no matter how descriptive this blog is or how many photos I post it cannot do the real thing justice.