i swear i can never have just a normal day here in greece. i was so proud of myself today for getting up early to do some grocery shopping and stop by the post office to send off some letters, but that feeling didn’t last long.

i arrived at the post office (after athletically and heroically slow-mo walking through the 20mph wind) out of breath, hurr all windblown, and with 9 envelopes to send off. obviously i created quite a buzz walking in: the crazy american girl in a tank top and shorts with a white girl fro amidst all the middle aged greeks bundled up in jeans and jackets. i was received with stares from everyone which already made me feel awkward. yes yes, i am the american tourist girl sending out stereotypical post cards to my family and besties back home, stare all you want.

after a good 15 minutes of standing in line i began to overheat. it’s 75 today and the only thing keeping me cool was the whirlwind that almost swept me up on the way over. stepping inside the post office was like a freaking sauna that i was in no way prepared for. shit, there’s another reason to stare at the crazy girl.

at last i stepped up to the counter and was greeted in halted english by the middle aged guy behind the counter, further proof that i stuck out like a drag queen at a romney rally. i explained that i needed postage for 9 envelopes all being sent to the USA. he gives me a sheet of 9 stamps, i pay, and then he mumbles something about a roll thing somewhere to my left and then tells me to give the envelopes back to him when i’m done. i step out of line to go put the stamps on and realize that they’re not sticker stamps, i have to lick them. okayyyy, now the roll thing makes sense, it’s what i should use to wet and attach them. and so with a line of 17 people staring at me i wander over to the side of the post office and try to casually glance around for this ingenuitive piece of machinery. meanwhile the man in the business suit behind the dest straight in front of me is staring hardcore and giving puzzled glances as i continue to casually glance around, fail, and not ask for help finding what i need. i ended up feeling even more awkward than when i entered the building so i just slowly and casually backed out of the building and headed back to my apartment, where i then licked my own damn stamps and prayed that they wouldn’t fall off during their journey overseas.

so at last i have postage attached, but now i’m too embarrassed to go back and give the guy my stuff to send. oh yea, you’re the crazy stupid girl who couldn’t even figure out how to attach the stamps! is what i imagine him thinking as i hand my mail over. i’ve also since written two more postcards that i’ll need to buy stamps for. shit.. why am i so awkward.