finally heading back to paros, the strikes in Athens definitely held us up and now that we’ve at last caught a ferry ride it’s going to take 5-ish hours to make it there.

looking back on the trip now it all seems like it went past in a flash and I’m still trying to remember and cherish it all. Prague was completely and utterly amazing; I fell in love with the architecture, vibes, weather, and people there and it will forever be one of my favorite cities. looking back on my time there all I do is smile, every moment was chilly bliss and I felt so alive through it all. I cannot say the same for Paris though. the first two days were hell and the last three were better but still not what I had hoped for. when I had gone there 4 years ago i was enchanted with the city, but looking at it now with new eyes was completely different.

I’ve found that though I’m attracted to big cities, I don’t like them to feel like big cities. Prague was huge but still felt small and homey and quaint, whereas Paris felt huge and busy and crushing. this may explain why even back I’m the states I tend to prefer cities like Boston and DC over places like Chicago. just something I’ll have to keep in mind later in life when I move away.

I cannot wait to be back on paros. after living out of a suit case surrounded by other HISA people for the past 10 days or so it will be refreshing to finally be back in my own space where I feel comfortable and relaxed. I’m really wishing that I could teleport there right now and just curl up in my bed listening to Trevor hall and skyping with my wonderful mother, eventually falling into a long peaceful sleep. damn you long nighttime ferry ride!!