it’s so crazy to think that today is my last day here in Prague, I feel like we just got here!! I’m still entranced by the city and love spending my days just roaming around as I please, I don’t want it to end! but alas at 4am we shall head off for our flight to Paris so at least I have that to look forward to, not too shabby eh? (greatest fall break everrrr!!)

today Cameron took the kids out exploring but hannah and I decided to do our own thing again. Cameron is wonderful, but he rushes through everything in an attempt to mash in as much as he possibly can and that’s not how I like to travel. I want to be able to stop and stray from the path to take pictures or explore something that looks interesting, and with Cameron this doesn’t seem to work. our travel personalities are quite different it seems.

after getting up and eating cereal bars for breakfast we headed our for our last day in the city, determined to make it count and to go see all our favorite stuff and check out new interesting places.

we headed first to the globe bookstore about 25 minutes down the river from where we started at. getting there was insane because I’m awful at reading maps and neither one of us has a strong since of direction. needless to say, we ended up taking quite a few detours and wrong turns and adventures through areas we had never even seen before and yet were strikingly charming and adorable. once we arrived we spent a good hour or so there browsing through all the books and relaxing in their cozy artsy cafe watching all the young hipster writers around us with their laptops and intense concentration. it was such a relaxing and creative atmosphere, no wonder so many writers and students from all over the city go there!

from there we strolled along the Charles river and made our way up to the palace on the hill here in Prague. the views along the river were breathtaking and we took our time taking it all in and marveling over all the architecture. once we got close to the palace it was time to climb some intense hills to get there, but it was totally worth it. the views from the top are some of my favorite in the city and the cathedral in the center is breathtaking to behold! we walked around for a bit as I explored more and took tons of pictures (since when we were with Cameron there earlier we were a bit rushed).

we then decided to make another stop at the Lennon wall since we had both fallen in love with it there. I ended up taking us a really long and confusing way to get there and on the way back hannah led us and it took maybe 5 minutes or so, I fail. but again, getting lost and merely walking and feeling swept up by the city is a feeling that I love and I’m so glad that hannah seems to as well. we really do make good travel/adventure partners, hoorah!

after that we eventually ambled our way back to the hostel (with breaks for hot chocolate, water, and coke light) and hung out with our super nice roommates for a bit before a late dinner. now we’re waiting around for Tomas and his friend to come over and say goodbye to us before we head off to bed so we’re not entirely dead tomorrow in Paris. ugh damn you 4am trip to the airport for a 6am flight!!!!