yesterday (Thursday) was our official free day here in Prague, even though hannah and I have pretty much been doing our own thing ever since we arrived here. that’s just how we are, sexy hot European adventurers!

I woke up semi early and headed out to take photos and wander around on my own to take in the city. within the first half hour I was already completely and totally lost with no sense of where I was in relation to anything that I knew. I had plenty of time though so I just continued to wander and take photos and revel in the sense of freedom and wonder that comes with being utterly lost in a beautiful place. I was literally swept up in the vibes of Prague and just followed my instincts of where to go.

an hour or so later I got my bearings and headed towards the Charles bridge. while I was on that side of town I ended up going back to the Lennon wall to take more pictures and add my own work to the wall. while I was there tons of people came and went, but I stood back and took it all in. to my left was a cute Czech boy spray painting a love note to his girlfriend and to my right was an attractive man playing acoustic guitar and singing Beatles songs, it was absolutely amazing. I wandered around to various cafes and stopped anytime I felt the urge to write or rest or people watch, so I was cafe hopping quite a bit and it was lovely.

as I headed back to the main square I ran into hannah and George at a cafe so I stopped to chat w them and then headed off for food. after hannah I grabbed a snack I ended up wandering back to the old town square to do some writing and Skype with my lovely family. I’m pretty sure that everyone else at the cafe was annoyed by my skyping and such since I stayed there so long but oh well, I don’t care! it was so chill to be relaxing in an outside cafe sipping (more!!) hot chocolate and writing in my journal while watching all the passerby tourists take their photos and be in awe of the area.

when i finally had my full of that I met up with hannah and we went for a real dinner at a medieval pub that was just the right mix of warm and cozy but not too cliche. I got some hearty spinach and cheese soup and hannah enjoyed a giant plate of chicken, it was just what we wanted after an entire day of running around.

the two of us then headed over to the Prague beer museum just down the street because we figured what the hell, we’re in Prague, we may as well! we ended up taste testing 10 different beer ranging from chocolate to raspberry to Carmel and everything in between, all for under €10!! granted, I’m not a beer person so I didn’t even like any of them, but I gave it a go and that’s what counts!! it was a nice chill end to a fantastically random day!20121012-171029.jpg20121012-170908.jpg20121012-171056.jpg