last night hannah and I befriended two lovely boys who work at the hostel and ended up spending pretty much the entire day with them today.

at 9:30 we slowly woke up and crawled out of bed and went shopping, because even though I’m a girl from Ohio (where it gets COLD) I decided to not bring a coat on this trip. and Hannah’s from florida so she’s pretty much screwed in this department too. we scampered to the nearest h&m and stoked up on warm clothes: aka a cute simple peacoat for me.

we dropped our purchases at the hostel (the art hole, absolutely amazing, highly recommended as the best hostel in Prague everrrr!) and then headed out to meet George (one of the professors) for a warm drink in the center square. we sipped our hot chocolates and our coffees and took in all of the beautiful views around us: clouds rolling in, giant cathedrals, intricate architecture, and beautiful people. it was the greatest way to start the day : )

then we wandered back to the hostel to toss on warmer clothes and meet the guys for a day of exploring Prague. we started off making our way to the Jewish quarter where we checked out the Spanish synagogue, artwork made by Czech kids about the holocaust, and the famed cemetery there. it was such an amazing area and made a huge impact on me. then we decided to visit the John Lennon wall, but ended up getting separated along the way.

me and mykolas (a lovely Lithuanian boy who has dreads and a very chill personality) made our way there on our own and then he spent the rest of the day showing me his favorite parts of the city: museums, statues and various works of public art, random islands in the middle of the river, walks along the water and encounters with scary swans, and other such wonderful things. it was absolutely spectacular being shown around the city by someone who lives there and truly understands it, I wasn’t just going to all the tourist spots blindly taking photos and then going on to the next like so many people do.

when I returned from my exhausting day (thank the lord that Prague is mostly flat!!) I met up w hannah at the hostel and chilled with her for a bit before meeting up w the rest of the group for a dinner with the professors.

today has been absolutely amazing, a nice leisurely day with some crazy fantastic people!