whew. so after getting up super early to continue packing I have finally set off for Athens.

I had all my clothes done last night but still needed to pack my book bag full of toiletries, my cameras, medicine, notebooks, and my handy iPod. I was proud though of all that I managed to fit in my duffle bag: 14 tops, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 cardigans, 2 jackets, 5 pairs of socks, 14 pairs of underwear, 2 scarves, 2 other pairs of shoes, and a few other random items. I’m so glad that I know how to pack well!

hannah and I ended up meeting before we left and headed to the grocery store on the way to the port in order to get some yogurt for breakfast and some granola bars to tide us over during our journeys! after a bit of a wait the ferry came in to port and we all hopped on.

it’s less than an hour into the journey to Athens and we’ve already been creeped on by a table of Turks, been choked by all the cigarette smoke from upstairs, enjoyed the gorgeous views, and moved tables 4 times. ohh Greek ferry rides! they never disappoint!!

soooo a half hour later and we have a new addition to our table: the guy who was creepin on us from the very beginning. turns out he’s a Greek not a Turk and he’s not a huge fan of paros, but he is a big fan of trying to teach hannah and I Greek, which is not going well at all. he barely speaks English, we don’t speak Greek, but we sure as hell can gaze longingly at his tan skin and scruff.

20 minutes later: hannah walked away to chat w the professors real quick an before I know it the Greek boy was back, but this time he brought a friend. so I spend the next half hour listening to a Greek body builder/gymnastics trainer tell me all about his life and how he loves to island hop. oh good lord! finally hannah came back an we made our escape to a different area of the boat.

and now as I write this hannah and I are sitting at a sidewalk cafe near the plaka, snaking on tatziki to hold us over until we go for dinner at 7! gahh I just can’t wait to be in Prague!!!!