wooo! the time has finally come! tomorrow morning at 10am all of us HISA students and 3 professors (barry, george, and cameron) head off for a 10-ish day trip to prague and paris!!

tomorrow we’ll take the ferry into athens and spend the night there at the same hostel we stayed at in the very beginning. then we’ll get up very early and fly out to prague in the czech republic! we’ll spend 4 or 5 days there and then we fly off to paris for 4 or 5 days there.

gahh i’m so damn excited! i’ve wanted to go to prague badly for the past few years as i’ve grown older and begun to appreciate all of the intricate architecture and history of the area. and paris is just spectacular, it still holds my heart from the last time i was there (4 years ago, during high school).

it’s kind of weird to be leaving at this point in the semester because i’m finally beginning to feel like paros is mine, like i’m actually comfortable here and know my way around. though i suppose that this will just make returning even better because i’ll be coming back to someplace that i know and love.

and i’m not gonna lie, i feel like i’m going to freeze my ass off when we get there. temperatures here on paros are still in the 70’s with sunshine all day, but in prague and paris it’s like 50’s and cloudy and maybe rainy. i’m going to die!! my body isn’t at all prepared for this!! so i may be buying a coat when we make it to the czech republic.. at least it’ll make a good story!

so my blog posts for the next 10 days or so are going to be pretty short since i won’t be bringing my laptop; any blogging i do will be on my phone while at the hostel or at a chill cafe. if i don’t post anything for a while it’s not because i’ve been kidnapped but instead because i’ve been swept up in all the splendor that is prague and paris!! and i’m perfectly okay with that.

(whew! so many “p” locations! paros/prague/paris for the win!)