today has been one of the most introspective-chill-wonderful days thus far. i awoke to clanging and lots of other loud construction noises and immediately got dressed and vacated the apartments to do my reading for my cycladic art and culture class. i ended up at a little cafe by the water drinking a freddo carmel cappuccino, feeling the breeze brush my cheeks, gazing out at the water, listening to the mopeds woosh on by.

we’re reading out of an amazing book called the art of travel, which discusses not just traveling in general but why one should actually travel, and today’s chapter was on interacting with the sublime. it was so awesome to be sitting at such a simple cafe, reading quietly, and thinking back over all the times during my travels when i’ve encountered that humbling feeling of realization that comes when you suddenly realize how small you are and just how vast our world is.

i flashed back to being in utah with my family when i was in high school, hiking through the mountains and being truly humbled by the earth for the first time that i can remember. every time it has happened since i cherish those precious moments of being put back my place in the grand scheme of the universe.

at the end of the text the author actually discusses feeling connected to a higher being during these times and then went on to quote the book of job and how angry he was at god and after lashing out at him god appeared and had a few words for job. his ultimate message was basically

who are you to tell me how things should be? have you done all that i have? do you hold dominion over the forces of the earth? do the winds and the rains bow to you? no, because this is all so much bigger than you are. something more is going on that you have no idea about.

i already love the book of job tons (it’s one of my favorite books of the bible actually), and the fact that all of this spirituality was related back to the art of travel really made me overjoyed.

i just wish that the class discussion on this would have went as well as it did in my head when i read it. cameron really is just super socially awkward and not really spiritual in any sense, and he tends to get so into what he himself is saying that he’ll actually cut off someone else who’s talking, though i don’t think he means to. so the class chat about it was a little disheartening, but my own struggles on the reading were absolutely fantastic. if only my mum or pastor dave would have been here to speak about it with me, that would have been fantastic.

my view at breakfast during my readings