I’ve mentioned before that there are tons of small churches all over the island of paros, each dedicated to a particular saint. they’re built in all kinds of styles. some look classically Greek and are whitewashed with a pure blue dome. others were built during the reign of the byzantines and are made of ancient brown stone. and still others were made to blend in to their surroundings, becoming a part of the terrain where they were built.

well today I found one of my favorite ones thus far. it’s built into a cliff far below street level right next to the aegean an is dedicated to the saint of lovers. apparently it’s where all the local kids go to make out, so lets hope that I don’t run into any of them when I head back another day to photograph it!

just thought I’d share it with you all, because i find it compelling and beautiful how close it is to the water and how it truly is built into the rock. when you stand in front of the door you can even feel the spray of the sea. now that’s a religious experience.


one of my new favorite churches on paros