this is paradise; nothing shall ever compare to this. the feeling of peace and serenity and calm that comes from sitting out on a dock watching the sunset, it’s amazing. I am so unbelievably lucky to get to experience this day after day, when some people can go their whole lives without this, this feeling of wholeness, of true happiness.

sitting out on the dock tonight with hannah as I ate my freshly bought Greek desserts was amazing. I taste-tested each of them and then we dove in the water. well, slowly dropped in and then spent the next 10 minutes alternating between being chilly and being amazed at the sight in front of us.

watching the sun set over the Aegean, with the mountainous hills of paros on the sides and other islands within view in the distance, really is like looking at a painting. a real life painting that moves and flows and explodes with color and emotion, and then all at once it’s gone, the sun has set and the night has come, leaving port lights and quaint little restaurants to light the way.

this life I’m living sometimes seems like a dream, like it’s too good to be true. but then I wake up the next morning and am assailed by the Mediterranean sun and this wonderful way of life. I love it, and I plan on enjoying every moment that I’m here. especially every sunset.

this truly is paradise