yesterday (monday) was literally the best day i’ve had since being on the island. i know, i know, i say this in pretty much every post i write. but seriously though, paros is such an amazing place filled with beauty and adventure and opportunity; as i get to know the area even better my days become ever more wonderful.

at 10am (early for us) hannah and myself were about to head out for a hike to krios beach and then spend the day there, when i swear god intervened and we changed our plans last minute and instead hailed a taxi to kolympithres beach. we arrived (after being driven there in a mercedes e class by a gorgeous young greek man) and headed over to the boat rental (after meeting a random donkey whom we adopted and named lucy), with the intent to kayak around the area. they ended up being closed so for the next hour or so we wandered around the beach taking pictures, swimming, and lounging on free beach chairs (score! those are so hard to come by!). i ended up falling asleep in the sun and when i woke up and stretched the owner to the boat rental shop down the beach was there. we grabbed our stuff and rushed down to rent a kayak: success!

the blue of the aegean is something that i truly believe cannot be conveyed in pictures, and until i got here i didn’t even believe that it could possibly exist. looking down into the depths of the teal blue sea and still being able to see straight down to the rocks on the bottom is one of the coolest experiences of all, and swimming in the water is even better. we ended up paddling out to an island halfway in between our beach and the nearby port city of naousa and getting off the boat to climb up to an abandoned church in the center of the rocky outcropping (i’ll definitely be wearing shoes next time). the view was absolutely stunning. eventually we carefully made our way back down to the kayak and headed out to the middle of the sea, drifting and hoping to find a prime spot to swim. we ended up swimming and drifting along for 20 minutes or so before slowly making our way back to the beach (lord my arms were tired, kayaking is far more intense than i had expected).

we spent the rest of the day lounging on the beach, swimming in the sea some more, and getting sustenance at a local cafe with a view of the bay; the entire day was like it came out of a dream. these words do not even come close to the magic that i experienced yesterday, there’s just no way at all to possibly describe it. from the posh taxi ride to the random donkey finding to lounging in the sand and kayaking on our own into the aegean, the whole day was a little piece of heaven here on paros. that feeling of being still on the kayak and letting the gentle lull of the waves rock you back and forth as you take it all in, that feeling of wonder and calm and peace will stay with me forever.

and it turns out that the boat rental place is open well into november, so at 10 euro an hour for a kayak, hannah and i will definitely be heading back there; i’m sure of it.

chillin on the beach