today has been a day of small aggravations. sure, i’m still absolutely loving life here on the island of paros, but just because i live near the sea doesn’t mean that life is always a paradise.

i was so pumped yesterday morning (friday) for my photography class: we were finally going to learn how to develop our film!! i don’t recall ever being so excited to see my own photographs. that’s one of the amazing things about manual photography as opposed to just taking pictures with a digital camera, you get deeply involved with your subjects and your surroundings that you’re photographing. i spent hours exploring parikia just to take 36 pictures. the process for even stabilizing the film in order to make the prints took an entire 2 hour class period, and by the time we were done and i took the roll out of the sealed black container: my film was completely and utterly blank. i had screwed up in the beginning and not attached the film properly so none of my pictures had even been captured onto the film strip. words cannot begin to express how seething i was. granted, i know that i can still wander around the city and take more pictures, but i won’t be seeing everything through the same eyes. even if i go to the same beautiful spots and see the same tiny details that bring out the charm of parikia, i’ve already seen it before so i won’t capture it in the same manner. ughhh. i’m just annoyed at myself right now for messing up. though i suppose now i will never make that same mistake again, i’ll forever be concerned with the beginning process and making sure that everything is set up correctly.

last night hannah and i went out for a night of dancing and laughter, it was much needed after the long week we’d had and the long day of excursioning on thursday. i ended up staying out til around 2am or so and when i awoke this morning i found about 17 new bug bites all over my legs. it’s a small annoyance, i know, but it still makes me hate my life right now because i’m ALWAYS ITCHINGGGG. i’ll have to go to the store on monday and attempt to sift through all the greek labels to find some itch cream. wish me luck!

and then today, to top it all off, i’ve been without internet for most of the day. i woke up and did my laundry and checked my email, but by 2pm something had gone wrong and no matter where i went in the apartment i couldn’t get the wi-fi to work. i assumed that it was just my computer and phone screwing up so i continued on with my day, sitting outside to do homework and reading for class. when i still didn’t have an internet connection by 8pm i was super annoyed and after asking around i learned that nobody else could get online either. i meandered over to the reception desk and asked the lady behind it if she knew about the problem. she responded that she had no clue but that it was probably just due to the satellite and the bad weather, which is weird because it’s been absolutely gorgeous today with no bad weather in site.. hmm. it finally came on here around 10pm and i was so freaking excited i cannot even express my joy! i can listen to spotify again!! and skype with my mother!! and check email!! and avoid doing more homework by watching tv shows online!! hoorah for wi-fi, ’cause it’s been a long day of homework without it!