not sure if you were aware or not, but i absolutely hate early mornings. i’m not really a morning person to begin with; i’m not chatty or cheery, and i usually don’t even eat breakfast. welp, today on the island i had my earliest day thus far: we were heading off with cameron for an excursion day to the islands of delos and mykonos and we had to be at the bus station by 7:30am sharp. gahhh it just about killed me! but now, at the end of the day, i’m realizing that it was well worth it.

delos (a 2hr ferry ride away) was pretty much the ancient religious pilgrimage site of the mediterranean; it housed ancient temples to gods of multiple civilizations and was also the mythological birthplace of apollo and artemis. the entire island is just one huge archeological dig site with some things uncovered and tons more waiting to be discovered and shared with the world. we spent about three hours there wandering around checking things out, and two sites in particular really struck me: the temple to isis and the large theatre in the hill.

a spectacular view of the island of delos from high up on a hill. it’s so pretty!!

for the majority of my lovely childhood i actually wanted to be an egyptologist (fun fact of the day!), and it was only when i started looking into it more seriously in HS that i realized that because i suck at foreign languages it just wasn’t going to happen for me. i’m still in love with pretty much anything and everything ancient egypt: religion, leaders, heretics, hieroglyphics, art, etc. so as i crested the top of a hill towards the back of the city i was in awe as i came upon a huge temple dedicated solely to the egyptian mother goddess isis. the temple was up on another hill a bit and inside was a large gorgeous statute of her. sadly, though, it had been beheaded and the arms had been cut off earlier in history by competing religious groups who hoped that by doing it the could take out the “spiritual and sacred” part of the temple.

the temple to isis, gorgeous

even though she had no head or hands, i felt something incredible when i looked upon her, standing so majestically inside her temple surveying the valley below. i could feel something in the air, such deep and vast history, importance, use, emotion, prominence; i think it really hit me how sacred and vital this area was to the people of not only ancient greece but to the entire mediterranean as a whole and it was so incredible. i totally had a moment up there on my own. i sat on a nearby hunk of marble and just stared up at her for a bit, other tourists buzzing by and staring at the weird loner college girl looking at the headless chick in the temple. oh well, i was more than content!

after that i wandered around and was checking out intricate floor mosaics of some of the mansions on a hill when i happened upon the old theatre. as i looked down the hill and into the basin and onto the stage i was again hit by a sense of such deep and reverberating history that it was palpable. greek plays were performed here for hundreds of years, meetings of important politicians from athens who wanted religious guidance took place here. it was such a cool feeling to know that i was sitting and looking at a place of such importance in the ancient world.

me chilling atop the ancient theatre

(another quick fun fact: the island has no shade anywhere, since no buildings are really standing up to provide it. after just 20 minutes in the blazing sun i was sweating like no other. ick. so despite how cool all the historical and religious experiences were, just keep in mind that they were slightly marred by the beads of sweat running down my forehead the entire time..)

following this intense ancient experience we hopped back on the ferry for a short trip to mykonos. well, the ferry trip was short, but we ended up staying there for like 3 hours. soooo.. since hannah and i were exhausted and starving from trekking around delos we made finding food priority number one, and then ended up staying there for pretty much the entire time on the island. mykonos is sorta like a more “post” and more touristy version of paros, and i like the realness of paros much more, so i was content to sit there at the cafe next to the sea munching on my tatziki and pita bread and drinking my freddo cappuccino (cappuccino over ice, medium sweet. yumm!!). like i said, hannah and i chilled and chatted for hours, discussing future excursions, the cookout at barry’s this weekend, our HISA group as a whole, and all the attractive men who kept walking past (hellooooo there!).

our ferry ride back to paros came at the perfect time, the conversation was dying down, the food was gone, and i was getting tired and wanted a soothing sea breeze. the ship was mostly full when we got on so we climbed clear to the front of the boat and plopped down on the ground, casually leaning back against the captains area to lounge in the sun. not gonna lie, it was the best ferry trip i’ve ever been on: laying out in the sun, feeling the breeze, seeing the sea and islands whir past, and not a care in the world. just as greece should be!

oh hey there! just chillin on the ferry ride home!



other random pictures from today::

oh hey there, i’m just hanging out in an ancient mansion on a hill. no big deal.

the awe-inspiring views on the way back to paros!

oh hello there, i’m just taking a break from hiking because i needed to get a drink and wipe the sweat off my face. now that i’m normal again i think i’ll snap this pic : )