so this is going to be all the random stuff that occurs while living on paros that i never think to include in my normal blog posts. really, this is all going to be completely ADD and scatter-brained.

  • the cleaning ladies here are absolutely amazing. well actually, i think there’s just one. but anyhow, she comes twice a week and tidy’s up my stuff, makes my bed and washes my sheets, does my dishes, sweeps all the sand off my floor, recycles my bottles for me, etc. basically, i’m in love with her and want to bring her back to heidelberg with me in december! i’m already spoiled and i haven’t even been here two weeks..
  • it is so damn annoying that you can’t flush toilet paper anywhere here on the island. i know, probably more than you want to know, but really: it sucks and it drives me crazy. grrrrrr!
  • the ad’s on all the websites that i visit are now all in greek, even the creepy weight loss ones. so now when i go to check the huffington post or something i have to see a half-naked greek man smiling real big because he took some wonder pill shit. it’s weird.
  • the circuit in my room has blown twice in the week and a half that i’ve been here. i’m proud to say that i now know how to fix it so i’m not stuck in the dark all night, which happened once and was not very fun at all.
  • the people on this island are so generous and friendly and really do look out for one another. this sense of community is astounding, i wish that my small town would have been half as caring and kind as these people are. even though i’m only here for three months shop keepers and restaurant workers already know me and say hello as i pass. it really is wonderful to be welcomed into the area so fast and it makes me feel so safe and secure.
  • i have at last mastered the lock on my door! they’re so shiesty (really!!) and i guess most of us HISA people had trouble with it. i’m glad now that i’m not standing at my door fumbling with the key for 10 minutes while everyone out in the common area watches. that happened pretty much everyday last week and boy was it awkward.
  • the sand on the beach closest to my apartment literally sparkles! for real though. every time i get in the water to swim it makes me smile because all the itty bitty grains of sand shimmer all around me. (ADD, i know)
  • sometimes i feel bad that my post’s on here are so dang long, but then i remember that i’m writing all this for me, so oh well if you think it’s too long! it’s therapeutic and soothing for me and so i shall continue!
  • ugh, it’s annoying as hell when i go to cook here that the pots and pans aren’t non-stick. i’m only here for three months, i don’t feel like going out to buy new cookware, but i get pissed every time i fix pasta when all the seasonings and bits of noodle sizzle and fry and stick to the bottom of the pan. i’m missing out on the flavor AND it’s 20 times harder to clean when stuff is literally cooked on. and i haven’t seen any kind of spray-on cooking oil either. i’m going to need to figure something out though..
  • it’s windy here pretty much every day, which makes it difficult to wear super lightweight and flowy dresses. i tried to wear one today and 2 minutes into my 15 minute walk to class i realized what a huge mistake i had made. every vespa, 4-wheeler, small car, and tour bus that passed me caused me to cling to my sided in order to avoid a marilyn-monroe-esque accident. well dang.. i love flowy easy-breezy dresses!!

so many boats, so little time! they’re everywhere you look!

a cute little side-street in town leading up to one of the many churches in the area

this is what i get to look at my entire walk to school: the gorgeous aegean