on wednesday’s i only have one class at 2:30pm, which means that i usually spend my mornings relaxing and reading or going to the beach. but since last night i finally went to do laundry only to get locked out of the laundry room before i could hang my stuff up on the clothes line to dry, i spent my morning hanging up all my still-wet items of clothing so that later i could fold and put them all away. woot woot! hoorah for random rules by the cleaning ladies. i miss it at heidelberg when i could wait til 10:30pm to put my clothes in and then forget all about it until 1am and sprint down the hall to switch my stuff to the dryer, at which point i would go to bed and gather my dry clothes in the morning in haste before class. oh the good ol’ days! but anyway, i have at last completed my first load of clothing here at the HISA apartments! though, now that i’m thinking back on it, the laundry soap here is all in greek and didn’t come w a measuring spoon (powder soap) so i’m hoping that the random amount that i poured in was enough. they didn’t smell bad so i’ll take it..

i spent the next few hours eating breakfast, reading on the roof, and attempting to decide what to wear to class (since my clothes weren’t dry yet due to the laundry mishap). at last i decided and scampered off to my art and culture class with cameron, who is definitely becoming one of my favorite professors here at HISA.

some of the other teachers at times seem like they’re trying too hard to put on this act of the “artsy indie hipster expatriot living on an island in greece who has experienced oh so much and is obviously living life on a higher plane because of this”, if you get what i mean (they’re all super nice, don’t get me wrong, but i just get that vibe sometimes). wheras cameron seems genuinely into his art and sculpture, but isn’t all high and mighty about what he does. he’s super into art and history and culture and totally geeks out at museums and cultural sights; it always makes me chuckle, he’s awesome. he has a genuine love of learning and it shows in everything he does.

today he took me and emily (we’re the only two in the class!) to the paros archaeological museum where we spent over an hour wandering through all the exhibits listening to him give us details on why things were constructed a certain way or what stuff was used for or what clothing details can tell about the time period. it was slightly awkward at times though because there were tons of symbols about fertility and testicles and ovaries and the like, which is chill with me (i’m a pretty chill person who’s comfortable with anything), but discussing it with cameron was a little different. every time he went to say something about the phallic symbols decorating the area of worship or the various fetishes of the marble carvers of the time and how it influenced the statues that were created i wanted to burst out laughing. all this coming out of such an academic mouth and in such a casual matter-of-fact way was definitely comical and added to the experience. (danielle, you would love all the religion and sex in ancient greece–make a note to check that shit out girlllllll!)

the rest of my night has been pretty chill in preparation for an intense day of travel tomorrow to the islands of delos and mykonos. we have to be ready and at the port by 7am, which is going to kill me since here the earliest i ever have to even get out of bed at is 9am. ughhhh! so mostly i’ve just been lounging around reading my wonderful scott mariani book (i’m almost done papi so you’ll have another to read after the visit here!!) and writing in my journal for cameron’s class. in all, a wonderful day!