lordy my last few days have been insane. saturday (exploring the island) was exhausting but amazing, and sunday & monday seemed to follow suit.



slept in and then headed back to kolympithres beach (a new section of it though) in order to help cameron install some of his sculptures out on a sand bar. four or five us went out and spent a few hours helping cameron carry them out thorough the waves and hold them aloft while he drove stakes into the sand to place them on. we only got a few in though because the weather was so rough (by paros standards at least, which means that there were like 10 clouds in the sky and a bit more wind than usual). once they were firmly in the ground though we all stepped back to look at them and i was in awe. the sculptures were basically would outlines of vases and containers, but just the framework, and then painted white. as i looked out into the waves it looked like they were floating atop the water, which was absolutely amazing. i can’t wait to see them all be installed!

when the wind became too much we came back to the apartment and i spent most of my time reading for classes and lounging about in the sun, which was lovely. later in the night hannah stopped by and invited me out with her and some friends, so i quickly changed out of my cozy flow-y chill clothes and into my cozy flow-y going out clothes and we skipped off to saloon (pretty much the bar most frequented by the HISA students). we ended up dancing for hours, taking ridiculous pictures, and chuckling about all the normal tourists that were there (damn those aussies like to dance, even more than us HISA students do!)

me and dan, killing it on the dance floor


i don’t have classes on mondays (which is spectacular) so i woke up and decided to spend a few hours roaming the streets of parikia taking photos. not gonna lie, i had forgotten how to load the film and figure out the ISO setting and all that stuff, but after 20 minutes of tinkering with my father’s pentax i was pretty sure that i had it all down.  it was so amazing getting lost in my own world with just my camera bag and my own thoughts to deal with. one thing i’m noticing the more i work with manual photography is that you become far more invested in the work you do and the places that you take photographs of. after spending 10 minutes analyzing a clothes line filled with billowing sheets, lining up the angle just right, focusing the lens and toying with the angles again, you become pretty darn attached to the clothes line. you also have to hope that the family that it all belongs to isn’t watching you (i had a few awkward encounters like that, but nobody seemed upset, just curious, so i continued). i ended up switching back and forth between the manual camera and my digital one and i’m pretty sure i got some great shots. well, on the digital i know i did, but i’ll have to wait until friday to develop my film with maria before i know for sure.

i will never get bored of the raw beauty that is paros

so after 2 or 3 sweaty, creative, introspective, lost, ADD, wonderful hours i meandered back to the apartment to change and go to the beach. i ended up being more exhausted than i expected and thus fell asleep there for at least 45 minutes or so, which was the most amazing feeling ever (sunshine, breeze, cozy sand–heck yes).

after that i fixed a delish dinner to use up the rest of my bread and pasta from the other day that i had cooked. i ended up making really fantastic and intense garlic bread and some herb pasta, which was much needed since i hadn’t really eaten all day.. oops.

at around 7 or 8 hannah and i went out for an adventure walk around the island as the sun was going down. it started out as a short walk but ended up being like 3 hours long of us just roaming and chatting and swapping stories. gahh it was much needed, to finally connect with someone here. i feel like some new kid in middle school all like yay i finally made a friend! haha but that’s legit what it was like.


today started off with photography class and new classmate there (one of the other professor’s girlfriend, who was super nice and originally from crete). the three of us walked over to the church of 100 doors (which is considered a byzantine gem on the island and is pretty gorgeous) and spent an hour or so there snapping pictures and discussing how the light plays across the stone. i really love having maria for this class because she doesn’t just focus on the “techniques” and “rules” of photography, but rather the emotion and feeling that comes with it when you connect with your subject matter. hearing her talk about it is so beautiful and i feel really lucky to have such a passionate and involved teacher for this class. we ended up having such a good discussion about the passion of photography that the three of us headed to a coffee shop (because all greeks love coffee! says maria) where she bought me my very first true greek coffee! it was a bit stronger than i’m used to (you won’t like it mum) but i feel like it shall definitely become a staple in my life. coffee here though usually isn’t an all day affair, maria says that you stop in and get your fix and leave, so i’ll have to get used to that as well.

and then on to greek class! i still fail at the greek language and all the while i was in class i just kept wishing to be back in spanish. there at least i feel like i can speak at a 4th or 5th grade level, here i just feel like a really stupid kindergartener who doesn’t understand anything. hoping that eventually it shall grow on me, because for now i’m just confused as hell.

then i headed off to the beach again for some swimming, reading, lying around, and then collecting items for more photograms in friday’s photography class. sensing a pattern? my life revolves around the water and i love it! going back to a place without it is going to suck, but alas, i’ll worry about that when the time comes! my tan is legit and now everyday i get at least one person who tries to speak to me in greek assuming that i’m a local on the island. i can feel their disappointment when i look like a deer in headlights and just say i’m sorry, what did you say? all cute and IN ENGLISH. i’m definitely taking it as a compliment though, so woohoo for me!! i’m blending in to the local environment!