so tonight after dinner some of the people from the program went out to the bar from last night again, i guess there was some sort of party there but i’m not really sure. i decided to stay back because, quite honestly, i needed some “me” time. as i’ve said before, i’m an extroverted introvert, but at my core i’m still definitely an introvert. so while they all went out drinking, i tossed on a cardigan (the wind was picking up and the air actually had a pleasant chill to it) and headed down to the beach.

after talking with the director of HISA, barry, and a few of the other teachers i knew it was safe for me to wander about on my own, even at night. granted, if i’m out drinking i’m fully aware that i shouldn’t be going anywhere by myself, but they said that so long as i have my wits about me paros is a perfectly safe place for a girl to navigate by herself (yet another reason why i’m so glad i came here, i feel like in a big city this would not be the case).

so i laid down my towel in the sand and thought back over my experiences getting here, the people i’ve met, the things i’ve learned, the people i miss at home, and what i’m stoked about for the future. then i took out my beloved digital camera and decided to play around with the manual setting (taking night shots with a long exposure is one of my all time favorite things to do). it was so good to be on my own, not having to worry about making conversation or if i’m coming across as stand-off-ish because i really just want to be on my own. toying around with my camera is one of the most soothing things for me, especially because i know it’s controls so well. feeling it’s soft weight in my hand was extremely comforting, and the pictures that resulted from it made me happy. granted, i’ve still got stuff to work on and tweeks to make and other locations to explore, but for tonight i was content there, at the beach 5 minutes from my apartment.

here are a few of the shots i took while pondering my experiences and enjoying the beauty of the night and the sound of the waves.