so last night we ran around athens and had a big dinner as a group once the other four girls showed up. hannah decided to stay back at the hostel because she was tired and had already done the trip. i was sorta disappointed because i had only really clicked w her so now i was stuck going off with a whole group of people that i wasn’t super fond of, simply because i didn’t know them.

we ate at a delish place called manh-manh in the plaka. we all shared food (both appetizers and main dishes) as per the greek custom, which was lovely because then i got to try 7 or so different foods. dinner was alright, it gave us all a chance to get to know each other, or at least to start too.

i was hoping to just head back to the hostel after dinner because i was completely exhausted and just wanted to lay down and do my own thing; everyone else, however, wanted to see the parthenon. since i knew i would get helplessly lost trying to get back to the hostel on my own, i decided to just go w the group and tough it out. we ended up hiking another hill near the akropolis, which was slightly shiesty in that it was dark, really slick, dirty, and there were random dogs everywhere barking and freaking out on us.

the hike only took 20 minutes or so and we kept a pretty fast pace as we climbed (i’m gonna be so damn toned when i come back!). once we got to the top it was totally worth it though; the view of the akropolis all lit up at night was breathtaking and there was also a classical greek musical performance going on in the stage below that we could still hear from atop the hill. sitting out surveying the scene was utterly awe-inspiring; the mix of the height, the city and the parthenon all lit up, and the eerie music was awesome. pictures don’t do it justice at all, you just have to be there.

this picture does not do the view justice at all! it was gorgeous!!

so alas we headed back to the hostel where i showered (so glad it was dark and people couldn’t see my sweat on the way back) and then headed to the patio for wi-fi to skype with my lovely mum. we only chatted for a few minutes though because there were a whole bunch of douchey canadians on some euro-trip out there as well and i felt weird breaking the silence with my skype chat.. once i was done i ended up staying out to chat with the least douchey of the canadians and he was actually really interested in my whole “art school in greece” thing. i, however, wasn’t so interested in his “let’s travel all around europe and party” thing so i ducked out and went to bed pretty soon.

this is what the patio/garden area at the hostel looks like during the day. this is where i went all the time for wi-fi and to just hang out with everyone

woke up the next morning at 5:20am so we would be packed and ready to head down to the port by 6 (gahhh, so early!!). basically, picture me sweating (again, common theme eh?) and dragging my book-bag, small duffle bag, giant red piece of luggage, andddd my mum’s old air force duffle bag. it was a long to the bus for me, and i’m definitely not going to let my dad try and talk me into packing everythingggg possible for my next trip. he’s wonderful, and it’s actually because of this that he wants to fit so much into my suitcases. anything that i say i might like to bring he swears he can make room for, and he does, but in the end it was just too damn heavy for this trip. i may end up throwing stuff away before i come back, toiletries etc. just so it’s easier to handle all my stuff. anyhow, we hopped the ferry and settled in for the 4 and a 1/2 hour ride down to paros. the ferry itself was the size of a small cruise ship and has 9-ish floors and tons of cafes and seating, both casual cafe style stuff and airplane-like seats for those who want to sleep. needless to say, it wasn’t what i initially expected.

this was my view from the ferry on the way to paros. i ended up sitting outside reading a book for almost half the trip. needless to say, my hair was in shambles by the end of it, but that was a small price to pay for all the islands and the aegean that i got to see!

we arrived at paros around noon and made our way to the apartment to settle in, where i then had to sweat and lug my stuff up a flight of stairs; it was a slow process. my room was right there near the entrance though so that was lovely! my room here is bigger than my double was at heidelberg last year: i have two twin beds, a desk and chair, patio with furniture, lots of little drawers, a closet, my own bathroom and shower, and a kitchenette with a stove, sink, and dishwasher. it’s such a nice room! so much space!!

this is what my room in the apartment looks like. it’s pretty basic, but big!

i’ve spent most of the rest of the day unpacking, hanging up decorations, and running to the grocery store. it’s been pretty chill, which i’m a fan of. tonight at 6-ish we’re all heading over to the school to meet the faculty (all 8 of them) and get a tour of the area, followed by a big group dinner at a local favorite restaurant. after i got back from getting groceries with two of the girls i’ve pretty much been a loner in my room, which is completely okay with me. being part of the group so much is kind of overwhelming for me. i like to consider myself and extroverted introvert, but i’m still definitely an introvert; i need lots of time to be by myself and just be, you know? so having this time to pack, decorate, lay around, and write this is much needed. i can finally hear my own thoughts again!