sorry this is all formatted so weird. i wrote it literally as stuff was happening on the plane and such. not all of mine will be like this. for the hectic as hell 24 hours that i’ve had though this seems to fit really well. enjoy! or just get annoyed 1/4 of the way through and give up on it, it won’t hurt my feelings!!

Said bye to family at airport

Sat at my gate

Flight before mine was running late

Oh shit, I need to be on this flight or I’ll be late for my international one

Hopped on

Sat next to wonderful guy, super chatty

Joked w/ flight attendant about margaritas!!

Took a while to take off

Finally in air

Chatted about his kids and my work at the daycare

Where we were each going

Sells medical supplies all across the country

Travels lots for work

My hopes for my future

Little about Greece

His previous travels

Met wife in high school

21 years married, dated for 10 before that

in love with her lots 🙂

9/11 chat

where he was:: landed in Tulsa

rental car back home


where I was:: dentist appmt w/ mum

so young I didn’t realize what was happening


implications in security today

lax security in Greece, I was surprised during the trip this summer

politics and how it’s so hard to see the truth anymore

me talking about seminary, hopes for after that, turkey for a year

I’d make shit money, but hopefully be happy

His job

Likes his boss but makes ½ what he could be making

The importance of fulfillment in life



Flight attendant came w drinks

He bought me wine

Oh wait, the flight attendant is buying!!!

Drank and chatted

I spilled my wine

Now soaked my shorts, smelling of alcohol ::reeking?

Some on him, oops, felt bad, poor nice guy

Continued chatting

Landing over Chicago and chatting about the city

I should come visit it, he says I’d like it!

Landing and realizing that b/c of detour south of st. louis I may be late for next flight

He whips out app of AA and sees where we’re landing and where I need to go

We get off and snag luggage

He leads me to K9, a 10 or 15 minute walk

So glad he did

I’d have taken wayyy longer to find it

May have been late for my next flight

Hugged and wished each other well

Got in line to check at desk on luggage

Should be on it’s way w me? Even though I took a different flight??

Hopped in line, they were already boarding

No time to think/worry, off to next thing

Hopped on plane

On the end and with lots of leg room, hoorah!!

Waited 45 min before we took off:: sitting around bored caused nerves to come back a bitttt

Last minute maitenence?? I think??

Got nytimes

Shared with brit across from me

Sat next to Italian couple (beading book?? And angry/gruff)

While chilling before take off::

Texted mum


Texted my few close friends


Facebooked last minute

Called mum right before we started taxiing


Read lots of NYtimes articles


Partying on lobbyists’ monayy

Obama killing the dem party?

Obama’s lovely speech

Clinton his cheerleader??

Putin not a fan of Romney

Cause he’s a dumbass and said Russia was enemy #1

What the hell

Would prolly go over better if obama won, “genuine person”

Killings in the French mountains

Ship sinking off of coast of turkey

Apple to try and do Pandora type thing?

I hope marc’s impressed lol

Movie mirror mirror

Dinner:: lasagna



Crackers w chez

Carmel brownie


Trail mix

Then finished movie

Now this

So tired

Lady next to me won’t shut off her damn light

darnnnnnnn youuuuu beading woman

Putting this away, then reading?

Maybe just listening to Trevor hall

Yeaaaa, Trevor hall 😀

Dozed on and off for the duration of the flight

Woke up with 55 minutes of fly time left

Listened to Trevor a bit more

Pulled out my book and read

Realized that we were delayed so much that I prolly missed my flight to Athens

Snagged my stuff and got off plane

Got in line and waited for British airways staff to let me know details of flight

New flight to Athens departing at noon

It was 11 am

Me and cute couple quickly walked w another BA’s worker

She got us all the way through airport and to security and such

Like having a “fast pass” at Disney 🙂 it was lovely

Realized in line at security that my film was all probably ruined


I’d left it in my bookbag in cbus and it had gone through x-ray


Oh well, nothing I can do about it now

Walked w couple to our new gate for Athens

Left bags w/ husband and wife and I went to get food

Chatted:: she studied abroad in Ireland for one semester in law school and in Madrid for a semester during undergrad

Heading to Greece for two weeks, santorini and suchhhh

Sat down and drank my juice and went to let mum know all was well

Realize the airport doesn’t have free wifi


She’s prolly FREAKING OUT and PANICKING (sorry mum, I love you immensely!!)

Wasn’t my fault!

Will the taxi people from Athena know about my flight switch?

Will the people at the hostel that I’m meeting?

Use a super nice workers iphone to email Athena so they know what’s up

But it’s like 4am their time, so who even knows if they got it

We’ll see

Board flight to Athens

Window seat (me!), middle seat (empty), isle seat (cute old man)

I continue reading my book (it’s already super intense and good!) while listeing to Trevor hall

Are you noticing a theme?

Trevor hall is my traveling music. ALWAYS. Keeps me calm.

Now writing this, just got a drink (cup of water)

Went to transfer it to my reusable water bottle so I didn’t spill it

Unscrewed the lid and due to pressure it sprayed h2o mist all over the closed lid of my mac

No harm, but still super annoying

Only me..

Continued reading book for most of flight

Finally landed in Athens!!

Went to find luggage

….not there

stood in line foreverrrrrr

oh hey, your luggage is still in London! Congrats

hopefully it’ll reach my hostel tomorrow morning sometime

next filight from London comes in at 3am


took taxi over to hostel

not really sure if the driver knew where we were going?

Guess he did though, cause I made it eventually

Guy told me it was the wrong building

Walked around a building under construction for like 10 minutes

Finally realized it was down the block

I’m awesome

Rang bell

Let in at last

Put my stuff down and chatted w/ Hannah, the other chick in my room

I’m a fan

She kinda reminds me of leigh actually 🙂

All went out to dinner

Wandered around the placka to decide on where to eat

Drank lots of wine, one bottle red, one white for us all to split

Shared greek salad and chicken kabob w Hannah

Sat around for like 2 hours chatting

Wandered back to hostel

Showered in the shiesty bathroom


Now chilling out in the garden w/ free wifi

Finishing this and letting my mum know that I’m alive via facebook


Long ass day for sure

Imma sleep superrrr good tonight

I’m a fan of these people

The teacher, Cameron, who met us is lovely

The closeness we all have here reminds me of Heidelberg

Definitely a good thing

Looking forward to getting close to everyone while we’re all here

Staying in Athens all day tomorrow too

We’ll leave for paros the next day