so today is my last day at home before i fly off to greece, and it’s definitely starting to sink in that soon i’ll be halfway around the world. the nerves are starting to set in, but not because of going to greece itself, more because of the other students in my program.

earlier this summer i went to turkey and greece for a two week trip with other people from heidelberg and it’s because of this that i’m still as calm as i am. i know that i love greece; i know that the culture, food, and vibe of the islands is exactly what i want. no matter how many other things i worry about, going to a greek island for three and a half months doesn’t have to be one of them.

i consider myself an introvert. sure, i may seem super out-going and chatty but at the end of the day i just want lots of time to myself to sit and be and think. i’m not a huge fan of big crowds and i can get pretty shy sometimes when i’m in a new situation, which unfortunately can come across as me being bitchy or stuck-up, which isn’t the case at all. i worry that when i get to athens and i’m meeting all the other students i won’t click with any of them. what if they’re all weird and they all click and then i’m left out? or what if i’m shy and they all think i’m crazy bitchy and they all avoid me or don’t like me? i know, i know, everything will eventually work out and i shouldn’t even be worrying about this, but i am!

at heidelberg i’m wayyy outgoing and friendly with everyone because i know everyone. i have two amazing best friends there and so many people who care for me and who i care for too; the atmosphere is amazing. what if it’s not like that in greece? and i end up being a loner for three and a half months…

i should be packing right now, but instead i’m sitting here writing this all out, hoping that putting my fears into words will help me to release them. hell, even if i don’t become instant besties with the people on the trip at least i’ll be living beachside on an island in greece for three months, and that surely can’t be too bad eh? trying to stay positive because as a wise friend once told me, “it’s all about perspective,” and i want to make these the best 3.5 months of my life!

If you got worries, then you're like me.
Don't worry now, I won't hurt you.
And, if you got worries, then you're like me.
Don't worry now, I won't desert you.