you should hit me up! because chances are, i’ll wanna hear from you. i know the first few days there are going to be tough as i adjust to the new people, place, living situation, and culture. i know that i love greece from my trip their earlier this summer, but it’s still going to be tough upon first arrival when i’m missing my family and my best friends and it finally sinks in that i’m all the way across the globe in the middle of the aegean sea 7 time zones away. so if you’d like to chat, give me words of encouragement, or just catch up and see how my travels are going so far, feel free to get at me on skype. my user name is kearstinbailey (pretty simple, i know) and i’d love to hear from you. i’ve done enough traveling to know that at the beginning, a familiar face is always welcome!

though, to be quite honest, once i get in the swing of things in greece i probably won’t even be at the apartment enough to skype chat with people! just the honest and exciting truth!!