as many of you may know, i absolutely love letters. i love sending them; taking the time to write them, doodle all over them, make the envelope, and then wax seal it and send it off. i love getting them; how reading someones own handwriting is so much more personal than a text or email will ever be because they took time out of their very busy schedule to make time to write to you. i think it’s just fantastic and i don’t understand why more people don’t do it. anywhooooo, if you’d like to send me stuff while i’m in greece (no heavy packages though, the greek government doesn’t seem to like that!) you can send it to:

kearstin bailey

c/o HISA

p.o. box 11

paroikia, paros

cyclades, 84400, greece

it should cost around $1.05 to send a normal letter to paros from the US, which isn’t too bad, though i think it may take up to two weeks to actually get to me because my island is so far out in the aegean sea, which i’ll just have to live with! i’ll try and write back while i’m abroad but i can’t make any promises! (i’ll be pretty darn busy while i’m there) but once i get home i will most definitely write back if you’ve taken the time to send me something!!