to be quite honest, i’ve never blogged before. i know this is supposed to be fairly straight-forward and simple, but i’m not so sure. like that picture i just posted? i don’t think that it was supposed to show up twice, but i don’t really know how to change it. hopefully starting this blog now will help me to be at least semi-competant at it when i do finally arrive in greece. we shall see.

i’ll try and post pretty often, but that may change once i fully delve into greece and my classes. i’d really like to blog consistently though; i think it would be a nice way to look back at this whole experience down the road, plus i’m sure that my mother will want to see what i’m doing overseas. i love ya mum!!

so this whole thing is pretty much just a grand experiment, and you, my dear reader, are part of it. i wonder who all is actually going to be reading this? it’s a weird thought actually, because i feel like i’ll be really honest and raw with my blogging. the thought of so many people getting on here to read it is actually quite daunting. but then again, maybe i’m just over-thinking this all.